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Meet our Crew

Darren Gibson

Darren, a LAME has been in the industry for more than 30 years. Darren has imported hundreds of aircraft to Australia, providing all the support and paperwork right through to the CofA inspection and issuing your first maintenance release in Australia, providing the aircraft with a clean bill of health and ready for you.

Dealing with agencies all over the world, Darren's experience ensures you get your aircraft as soon as possible complying with all the rules and regulations, this way your aircraft is delivered safely inside your timeframe.


Chris Mahoney

Chris started his aviation career at the age of 14. He holds a CASA and FAA ATP, as well as, a Hong Kong CAD commercial licence. Having spent 6 years initially as an aircraft engineer, he has the knowledge and skills to conduct a thorough pre purchase inspection and provide a comprehensive report.

Chris has flown more than 50 different types of aircraft from Cessna 150's to Airbus A330/350 all over the world. This enables Chris to deal with all the logistics of moving your aircraft safely to its destination and ready for you to enjoy.


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